Raising Boys

It’s a rainy Sunday.  Got up and ran on the treadmill.  I was going to go to Orange Theory Fitness, but couldn’t get moving in time to make the morning class.  As I’m doing laundry, I go into my 16 year old’s room and the clothes are everywhere.  Note:  He has 2 hampers in there to put his clothes in!  Most of the clothes are lying around the hampers.  If you can get them that close to the hamper why can’t you get them in there!!!  I know, I know, he should be doing his own clothes by now.  His older brother always did.  He never puts the clothes away, they end up mixed up back in with his dirty clothes.  I guess that’s the joys of having teenagers.

Should be an interesting week, I’m taking a few weeks off from work so hoping to get lots of things accomplished before Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the week!